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Competition Requirements

'Cave House' call of proposals

Competition Requirements

  1. The call of proposals suggests the design of a cave house at Granada Upland zone, specifically in ' La Herradura' area (with a total of 72 cave houses), in Huéscar.
  2. It is intended that the proposals reflect, generally speaking, constructive and technical solutions which may serve as a reference point in the architectural intervention context in Granada Upland, particularly, in 'La Herradura' area.
  3. Once 'La Herradura' housing complex is restored, the cave houses will be used as a private dwelling or as a holiday residence.
  4. Teams to take part in the call of proposals must be associated with a university or Aedificatio Research Group. Teams will request enrollment according to the application form, addressed to the Rural Development Group 'Altiplano de Granada', Huéscar.
  5. It shall be understood that teams will be associated with a university in the case they are made up of, at least, a Professor and a university student.
  6. Teams memberships may be multidisciplinary and made up of professionals and students.
  7. Upon receiving the application form, a cave house will be assigned to each team for them to design it.
  8. A code number, used for the submission of the proposals, will be handed over as well as an email address to solve technical consultations related to the development of the cave house proposal.
  9. The design will focus on the following elements:
    • The interior design
    • The chimney and skylight design
    • The façade design
    • Technical solutions and common elements
  10. Each team must justify its intended concept of the cave house design.
  11. The design will consider the following aspects:
    • The usage of autochthonous and traditional materials
    • The energy efficiency
    • Accessible and universal design
    • Urban planning aspects
    • Social integration within the restored space
  12. The façade design must be harmoniously integrated into the landscape.
  13. Free design option for the interior.
  14. The designs will be submitted virtually in A3 format. (European paper size roughly equivalent to an American 11inch by 17 inch sized paper). The same format will be used for the report.
  15. The proposals must obey as many regulations, urban plannings and legislation applicable to the executed projects. Given the uniqueness of this type of housing (cave houses), constructive solutions which do not meet the regulations will be allowed, as long as they are justified.
  16. A committee, comprised by five members, will assess the project proposals so that they award the best three selected ones. The jury will be made up a member of each of the four institutions coordinating the project and an expert of the Rural Development Group.
  17. The jury may dismiss the proposals which do not meet the quality required.
  18. Once the proposals are revised, a date for public exhibition will be set.
  19. The submitted projects will be used the private limited company 'La Herradura' S.L. for the 72 housing marketing. The winning team will be offered another cave house to be designed, repeating the process as often as 'La Herradura' S.L. deemed necessary
  20. Teams, just for the sake of participating in the contest, authorises the dissemination and use of the designs by the organising institutions.
  21. The organization is committed to broadcast the winning projects and its authors, by the available means.
  22. A guided tour during the design period will be arranged for those participating teams which wish to visit la 'La Herradura' area and Huéscar.
  23. Deadlines
    • Application form hand over: 31th April 2015.
    • Award winning teams resolution by Huéscar Town Hall within a maximum period of a month.  
  24. The originals will be submitted to the following email address: and they must arrive by 12.p.m. on 31th Janauary 2015 at the latest. Team members should write in the subject line of the email its assigned code. The documentation must not contain any personal data, just the chosen motto to define each proposal.
  25. Prizes
    • A first prize woth 2,500€
    • A second prize: a distinction given by Huéscar Town Council.
    • A third prize: a distinction given by Huéscar Town Council.
  26. The submission of documentation implies comformance with the rules.
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